The British Heart Foundation calls on UK Government to encourage the inclusion of Emergency Life saving Skills as a key development skill at secondary schools.

The skills of emergency life support (ELS) are simple and can save lives. ELS is particularly important in cases of cardiac arrest, where the heart stops pumping blood around the body. It only takes a few minutes after cardiac arrest for irreversible brain damage to occur. The BHF believes that ELS should be taught to all young people in the UK, equipping them with vital skills to save lives in their communities. By training children in ELS we can create a new generation of lifesavers in the UK. We are calling on all UK Governments to encourage the inclusion of ELS as a key development skill at all secondary schools, and ensure that suitable resources are provided to teachers to enable them to teach this in a structured way. We are also calling on the Westminster Government to include ELS skills training as a mandatory part of the National Curriculum in England.

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